The Tactics and Firearms Training Team at ETTS brings real world combat and self defense training to ETTS Gun Range. Combat Veteran and LE operated, TAFTT works to fill the shooters needs in self defense, home defense, and worst case scenario preparation. From basic firearms safety, to advanced firearms manipulations, TAFTT prepares ETTS clients for real world threats.

As lifelong learners, we understand that adopting a new skill can be  challenging. That’s why we've committed to supporting you every step of the way. With our extensive experience, tactical and competitive, our team works with all levels of expertise to reach their highest potential.



  • Womens introduction into Pistol 
  • Youth introduction into firearms 
  • Concealed Carry Mindset
  • LTC Class (license to Carry)

Email for booking, prices, group rates, and outlines.

  • Pistol I
  • Pistol II
  • Carbine I
  • Carbine II
  • Low-Light / No-Light: handgun/rifle
  • Civilian CQB 
  • Vehicle CQB
  • Urban Tactics
  • Aerial Gunnery               

*Private one on one & small group available for all classes

TAFTT will host courses monthly. Be sure to check the TAFTT specific page for info, dates, and more!


"Group rates, required gear, session outlines, and scheduling available via"