The Tactics and Firearms Training Team is comprised of professional instructors who are dedicated to their students’ growth and proficiency in the use of all firearms.  The team is comprised of former law enforcement, military, competitive shooters and a medical doctor. TAFTT instructors are equipped to instruct everyone.  From a first time shooter or a combat veteran or a competitive shooter, we are prepared to meet your needs and help you reach your goals.

Please contact a TAFTT instructor to answer any questions:

Private or Small Group Training Opportunities

  • Womens introduction into Pistol

  • Youth introduction into firearms

  • Concealed Carry Mindset

  • LTC Class (license to Carry)

  • Intro to Competitive Shooting

  • Advanced Competitive Shooting

Email for booking, prices, group rates, and outlines.

  • Pistol I

  • Pistol II

  • Carbine I

  • Carbine II

  • Low-Light / No-Light: handgun/rifle

  • Civilian CQB

  • Vehicle CQB

  • Urban Tactics

  • Aerial Gunnery

*Private one on one & small group available for all classes

TAFTT will host courses monthly. Be sure to check the TAFTT specific page for info, dates, and more!


"Group rates, required gear, session outlines, and scheduling available via"