We are a full service range dedicated to all persons, including law enforcement, military, security contractors, consultants, competitive shooters, and recreational shooters alike.

Our range gives even the most discerning shooters a wide array of bays, including 4 large rifle bays and 6 pistol bays, and a 100 yd and 200 yd sight-in range .  All of our bays also contain rifle and pistol steel, which may include pistol racks, full size IPSC steel, 2/3 IPSC steel, and other assortments of reactive steel targets.

Our 1200 yard range with scattered steel in 100 yard increments is only available to members.

Training and classes are held regularly out at the range and can be provided through the range or any of its affiliates. Training includes basic pistol, basic rifle, advanced pistol and rifle, precision long range, medic courses and an assortment of other training scenarios.

We also host the following competitions: USPSA (2nd weekend of each month), Steel Match (3rd weekend of each month), and 3-Gun (every 4th weekend of each month).  All shooter levels are welcome and we encourage anyone to come watch.