We are a full service range dedicated to all shooters, including law enforcement, military, security contractors, competitive shooters, and recreational shooters alike. Our range offers even the most discerning shooters a wide array of bays and shooting areas where they can enjoy freedom to work on a variety of skills allowing movement, drawing from a holster and precision shooting.  ETTS is constantly growing and expanding.  Range members currently have access to 28 shooting areas including:

shooting bays for handguns, rifles and shotguns which are set up with paper target stands and a variety of steel targets

competitive shooting bays with staged courses, static steel targets, reactive steel targets, moving targets, props and more

100/200 yard rifle range with benches and room for prone shooting

Our 1250 yard range with assorted steel in 100 yard increments

We also offer an option for shooters to purchase a day-pass.  Please contact us for more information regarding non-member access.

Our on-site tactics and firearms training team (TAFTT) is available to custom build any firearms related course you would like.  TAFTT hosts nationally recognized training companies throughout the year and also offers regularly scheduled group instruction. For more information, please refer to the TAFTT section of this site.

Every weekend ETTS hosts a different shooting match.  These matches include, but are not limited to USPSA, Steel Challenge (SCSA), Falling Steel, 3 Gun, and a Carbine Match. All shooter levels are welcome and we encourage anyone to come watch.  For more information, please check the calendar on this site and follow us on Facebook for the most current match updates.

We have a full service pro shop designed to provide shooters with everything they need to enjoy the range experience.  Our on-site FFL can handle transfers and sales of new and consigned firearms. In early 2019, we will be able sell and transfer class III firearms and suppressors.