by Realistic Defense, LLC



Home Defense training class ending in Force on Force scenarios to test your skills. Desinged to test your perfomeance under pressure. No weapons or ammunition required. Instructors are veteran (>20 year) Law Enforcement and the class is taught from their perspective, using their years of expereince to aid in students leraning PROPER response techniques. $300.00 per person.

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Realistic Defense, LLC - based in Dallas, Texas offers real-world training solutions for real-world defense problems.  Realistic Defense instructors are veteran law enforcement and military veterans from specialized units.  

We provide world class training to all groups legally able to train. We are skilled in working with students of all levels to ensure a quality training experience for all students. 

Handgun, carbine and long range precision rifle training, Self Aid / Buddy Aid medical equipment and training, women's situational awareness, active shooter response for civilians, and Texas License to Carry training classes are all offered. Group and private training are available.

Come and see what a difference instructors with REAL experience can make in your training.